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The Glorious Basic Ticket

This is the Glorious Basic Ticket. The Glorious Basic Ticket gets you, your team, and one vehicle into the rally. You will be honored to receive a briefcase full of mischief and implements of derring-do, not to mention a list of checkpoints, which you must visit with your four-wheeled chariot. At the finish line there will be a fete of biblical (or at least Jameson) proportions. We may also tenderly slap you the buttocks. Clad yourself in your going-out finery, mon frere, and giddy up.

(19 Remaining)

The Mo' Better Ticket

This is the Mo' Better Ticket. You will be honored to receive all the accessories and habiliments that accrue to the Glorious Basic Ticket, plus various and sundry delights. In your briefcase, you shall receive wondrous playthings. Your hosts for the rally will also cook you steak and bring it to you on a silver platter, which may or may not be made of plastic that looks like silver. Your hosts will also book and pay for a fancy hotel room for you at the finish line.

(3 Remaining)

The Ticket of Mindbending Proportions

You, dear adventurer, shall receive everything in the other two tickets, plus a shot of human adrenaline in an attractive carrying case. Kickstart yer heart, Vince Neil.

Special Add-ons

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